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  1. As the United States, Under the administration of Mr Obama, is rapidly approaching bankruptcy, and soon to become another third world country on its present course, is it not time drastic actions be taken to avert such an outcome? Is it not time to cut off foreign aide? Is it not time for a Balanced Budget in this country. Is it not time that all bills introduced in congress stand on their own merits and NOT be attached to bills that are sure to pass? Chages MUST be mad e soon if this nation is to survive.


  2. Hey,

    This is a great new website! Easy to get around….even I can get around on it, and that’s saying something. Of course I don’t know if I’m posting in the right area. Ha.

    Keep up the good informative work!

    • You hav e done everything correctly! Please join in on any of the discussion you wish. ENJOY!


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