Big Three

Most are Familiar with the three similar religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam as there roots sprang from Abraham. There are approximately 14 Million followers of Judaism, 2.l Billion followers of Christianity, and approximately 1.5 followers of Islam.

All three are considered “revealed religions” from God. All value the male over the female to varying degrees. Judaism believes salvation comes directly from God whereas Christianity and Islam require an intermediary.

Judaism does not mention hell whereas Christianity and Islam do. Judaism does not require one to convert to their faith whereas Christianity and Islam do. Let us examine the religions a little more closely


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  1. Where do you place your faith?

    Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as complete confidence or trust.” The big question is, in what? Most people confuse religion with God. They think that by believing in a “revealed” religion such as Christianity or Islam, they are putting their faith in God, In reality they are just putting their faith in the claims made by the “revealed” religion. In the same manner, people that reject the “revealed” religions mistakenly believe they are rejecting God and that they are atheists. In reality they are rejecting the false and unreasonable claim of the “revealed” religion to divine inspiration. All three of the Big Three “revealed” religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are based on unproven claims of mere men that God gave them revelations to put into writing that make up the text of their various “holy” books. By following any one of these “revealed” religions, you are only putting your faith in the claims these men have made, you are not putting your faith in God. An alternative to the “revealed” religions is Deism. Deism is a natural religion/philosophy that rejects all of the “holy” books of all of the various “revealed” religions and bases its belief in God on the creation we see and are a part of everyday. Creation itself is the Bible of the deist as no man could have designed and created the creation. Any man could have written any and all of the various “holy” books of the various “revealed” religions! If you would like to align your God-given reason with your belief in God, be able to think about God and the Designer of Nature without suppressing your God-given reason, and without fear and superstition, then Deism is for you!


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