Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism that is supposed to be sweeping the United States and other parts of the world is not Deism at all. A lie concocted by new Age Religionists, Lazy or dissatisfied Christians, perhaps. We find that the authors of “Soul Searching created their own definition of deism, “the Deism here is revised from its classical eighteenth-century version by the therapeutic qualifier, making the distant God selectively available for taking care of needs.” Being a clear concoction by the authors, makes MTD total rubbish and not a religion at all, but a “Feel Good” substitute for religion. A closer look at their beliefs shows that they believe in a PERSONAL God, one that will help them out in a pinch and then leave until need again. That my friend is a THEISTIC belief not a DEISTIC belief. Deism does not believe in a Personal God that intervenes in human affairs, rather a God of Nature, a Creator of the Universe and of Natural Laws that requires no intervention on its part.

This religion is characterized by five beliefs:

-There is a God who created earth and watches over it
–God wants people to be nice, fair and good (as it taught in the Bible as well as other religions)
–The central goal of life is to be happy and feel good about yourself
–God doesn’t need to be involved in your life EXCEPT when there’s a problem that needs Celestial Performance Enhancement
–Good people go to heaven when they die.

As anyone can clearly see, this is purely a THEISTIC religion believes in a PERSONAL, and INTERVENING God. These traits are purely theistic in nature and in no why implies any traits of DEISM

It is time that Deists set the records straight on this issue once and for all. To expose the LIES about Deism and trying to REDEFINE Deism to fit the model of Christianity. With more denominations then they know what to do with, why must they strive to add another to carry on their tradition of lies and half truths.


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  1. Well stated!!!!

  2. Amen, hallelujah, pass the plate brother — since we’ve got the “Deism” part debunked as falsely using the term, let’s look at the other two…. “Moralistic”? Like in, pretending to be a basis of morality based on some books people filled up with conflicting instructions and pretended came from a deity which acts the opposite of its own claimed morality? Sounds like typical theism…. “Therapeutic”? Like in, believing something just to make you feel good, possibly to feel beloved by a Universe-creating deity, with no consideration as to whether your beliefs flow from first-principles-based logic and rational analysis of the proof presented by our Universe? Yeah, thought so, theism again….

    • Nice analysis. Truer words were never spoken. Sociologistshould stick to their trade and not enter into politics or religion, as they really fail the test terribly.

  3. By the study itself it would seem that if 80% of these kids also liked ice cream…it would be part of this “religious” outlook as well. I agree there may be a lot of kids who feel this way, but I’d call it more of an ignorance of the divine rather than a belief in it. There is a point in the video documentation of the study where one of the “Christian” girls is questioned about Jesus and she has no real understanding of how or why he is the cornerstone of Christianity. That doesn’t hint at some sort of growing “new” religion in youth it hints at lack of practice by their parents, and for sure no actual understanding from the kid.

    • That is a huge problem in this day and age, “Lets conduct a study” The liberal teachings in the colleges today is not fact and history but more of a professors “IDEA or FEELINGS” on a subject. Further I must agree that it is a lack of conviction on the parents part to help their children understand life, they tend to consider “isn’t that what teachers are for?” Because they take less interest in religion, than previous generations, the kids are left to find their own way concerning religion. Churches today, for the most part, are more opinionated than Biblically oriented. Look at the minister and the church Mr Barrack Obama and his family attended prior to his election.

      Few churches today provide more than “this is what you must believe” Kids and many adults are no more than pulpit puppets on their understanding of their Bible. Of course if they were to READ the entire Bible instead of no more than a dust collector on their coffee tables and a decoration in their hands on Sunday at church, when and if they attend. Of course if they did READ the Entire Bible and ask questions, Deism would soon become the major religion in the world.

  4. I heard this explained by the man who conducted the study that came up with the term on iTunes U. I was very displeased with the idea, and thought he obviously did not know any Deists or have any idea what a Deist was.

    This is no more than self indulgent children looking for people to give them stuff. I think this religon is more of a “My parents give me everything I want and God is really just a bigger version of my parents.” type of thing.

    • The term sounds like it came more from “loony Tunes” then ITunes.. It is apparent he never meet a Deist let alone what a Deist believes in.

      LOL at your “self indulgent Children” statement. I think that really sums it all up. LOL I Love It !!!

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