Thoughts on Life

A year before she passed away, my mother wrote down her thoughts on life. I would like to share them with you and hope you find them useful during your lifetime.

1.Exercise every day. If your job is very active—it doesn’t matter. Move more.
2.There’s no such word as can’t, until you are 80. Then may “choose to try” or not. Or simply say “ I can’t “, after all you are 80
3.Don’t argue What’s the sense? If you know it is pink and they sayit is blue, what’s the difference. Let them think it is blue until one day they find out it is really pink. Is it worth an argument just to prove a point?
4.If you do have an argument don’t go to bed with it unresolved.
5.Experience nature. Look deep into a flower, smell the woods, see the droplets in a waterfall, kick up the fallen leaves, listen to the wind through the pine needles, watch the colored leaves float down a stream, look at individual snowflakes, watch a sunrise or sunset, dissolve clouds, look at the stars and moon.
6.Enjoy being with yourself (Your Self) in silence. No TV or music. Sit in silence, think in silence, walk in silence, BE in silence. Just BE.
7.Be a good listener. Others have a need to be heard, and it takes a lot less energy to listen with two ears than it does to speak with only one mouth.
8.Don;t hate anything.
9.Let God be a private thing.
10.Take up a new hobby or pastime to stimulate your mind.
11. Do things that are inexpensive or free, simple things. Do crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, board games, take a walk, people watch, look into the eyes of your pet or loved one, paint your toenails, watch the flames dance in a fire or candle flame, incense, write a letter to a friend, play cards, wear cologne.
12.Save for your old age. You never know what lies ahead. Maybe you will need it. If not, it will help someone else.
13. Appreciate the little things in life.
14. Don’t save your good china, crystal and silver just for special occasions. Every day is special and who is more important than you and your family.
15. Never lie.
16.Don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or cheat.
17.Keep your head and feet dry an warm. Forget about vanity, dress for comfort and function.
18. If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.
19.If you can’t pay cash for something, you probably can live without it—if not save upp for it.
20.Use daily affirmations. One of My favorites that I used for years is, “I am healthy, I amstrong, I am well. All the rest can go to hell!
21.Always have a friend.
22.Be happy.


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