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One of the major questions of our time would have to be – Were the Founding Fathers of this Nation Christian or deists. The “Religious Right” want this country to, “return to the Christian principles on which it was founded”, however a little research of American History will show that this statement is false. The men responsible for forming the foundations of this nation were not men, professing the virtues of Christianity, rather they were men of the enlightenment period, had little use for the Bible, for they did not believe it was true . Another much overlooked fact is that many of the founders of this nation were also Freemasons, see related articles elsewhere on this site, and incompatible with Orthodox Christianity. Over the course of the next several months I will be providing a condensed version on the beliefs and short biography of the founders of this nation. Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence will be suffixed with DOI and those signing the U S Constitution by USC.  It is hoped this will spur further research and investigation by readers of this site.

The founders believed in equal citizenship for believers and non-believers alike. In fact Article 6, section 3 of the US Constitution states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention the words “Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, or God”. They wanted to insure no religion would become the “National Religion” as it did in the England they left.

The 1796 treaty with Tripoli states that the United States was “in no sense founded on the Christian religion” and was written under the presidency of George Washington and signed under the presidency of John Adams. The statement was not made to appease Muslims, the founders believed it

The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, was a departure from divine authority of Kings who derived their authority from God.

Many say that George Washington was a Christian, but was that the case?  First of all  George Was a Freemason, Raised in the Lodge at Fredericksburg (now Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4), named but did not actively serve as Charter Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 in 1788-1789.   It will be with the “Father of this Nation” that we begin the journey into the founding of this nation and the Founding Fathers. It was the custom of Washington’s era that,of all classes, irrespective of their religious beliefs, to attend church. Bishop White, the father of the Protestant Episcopal church of America, Washington, with his wife, attended the churches in which Bishop White officiated. In a letter dated Aug. 13, 1835, Colonel Mercer sent Bishop White the following question: “I have a desire, my dear Sir, to know whether Gen. Washington was a communicant of the Protestant Episcopal church, or whether he occasionally went to the communion only, or if ever he did so at all. … No authority can be so authentic and complete as yours on this point.”
Bishop White replied as follows on Aug 15 1835:
“Dear Sir: In regard to the subject of your inquiry, truth requires me to say that Gen. Washington never received the communion in the churches of which I am the parochial minister. Mrs. Washington was an habitual communicant.
… I have been written to by many on that point, and have been obliged to answer them as I now do you. I am respectfully.
“Your humble servant,
(Memoir of Bishop White, pp. 196, 197).
The Rev. Jared Sparks, Washington’s biographer, admits that at a latter period Wahington ceased to commune. He states:
“The circumstance of his withdrawing himself from the communion service at a certain period of his life has been remarked as singular. This may be admitted and regretted, both on account of his example and the value of his opinions as to the importance and practical tendency of this rite” (Life of Washington, Vol. ii, p. 361).
In a letter to Rev. B.C.C. Parker, dated Nov. 28, 1832, in answer respecting Washington’s religion, Bishop White says:
“His behavior [in church] was always serious and attentive, but as your letter seems to intend an inquiry on the point of kneeling during the service, I owe it to the truth to declare that I never saw him in the said attitude. … Although I was often in company with this great man, and had the honor of dining often at his table, I never heard anything from him which could manifest his opinions on the subject of religion. … Within a few days of his leaving the presidential chair, our vestry waited on him with an address prepared and delivered by me. In his answer he was pleased to express himself gratified by what he had heard from our pulpit; but there was nothing that committed him relatively to religious theory” (“Memoir of Bishop White,” pp. 189-191; Sparks’ “Life of Washington,” Vol. ii., p. 359).
The Rev. Parker, was anxious to obtain some evidence that Washington was a believer in Christianity, and, not satisfied with the bishop’s answer. The Rev Parker asked him for some fact that would show Washington was a believer. In a letter dated Dec. 21, 1832, the bishop writes:
“I do not believe that any degree of recollection will bring to my mind any fact which would prove General Washington to have been a believer in the Christian revelation further than as may be hoped from his constant attendance upon Christian worship, in connection with the general reserve of his character” (“Memoir of Bishop White,” p. 193).
None of the founders were atheists, many were Deists, who believed the universe had a Creator but was not concerned with the daily lives of humans, and still others were Christians. The founders did not deny there was a person named Jesus but they did deny his divinity, and when they spoke of God it was Natures God. The New Testament gives clear instructions to Christians on how to behave when ruled under a monarchy.

1 Peter 2:13:  ” For the sake of the Lord submit yourselves to every human authority: to the Emperor, who is the supreme authority,
1Peter 2:14 and to the governors, who have been appointed by him to punish the evildoers and to praise those who do good. If the Christian extremists and fundamentalists wish to return to the roots of this nation, then so be it for its roots were founded in free thought.

1 Samuel l5:23 states”Rebellion against him is as bad as witchcraft, and arrogance is as sinful as idolatry. Because you rejected the LORD’s command, he has rejected you as king.” ” If the men of the First Continental Congress were Bible believers I doubt there wold have been a revolution to break away from England in the fist place. The NT.”
Paul wrote in Romans 13:1 ” Everyone must obey state authorities, because no authority exists without God’s permission, and the existing authorities have been put there by God. “
Romans 13:2 Whoever opposes the existing authority opposes what God has ordered; and anyone who does so will bring judgment on himself.
Anyone who can think for themselves can clearly see the Founders of this Nation were not “God-Fearing” Christians


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  1. Thanks, this is really good. I like that it really explains about the founding fathers’ beliefs. Where do so many people get the idea that all of this country is based on Christianity?

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