Freemasonry and the founding of the US.

Many of the Christian religion have argued that the founding fathers were Christians; howeve they have overlooked the Deists and more importantly the Freemasons role in the founding of this great nation. It is important to know that the Freemasonry stands firmly AGAIST orthodox Christianity. May I suggest that you read more about Freemasonry located at Was this nation founded on Christian principals? for a better understanding on the influence of Freemasonry. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed by many Freemasons. In addition many of tGeorge Washington’s generals were also Freemasons. Although there were Christians among the Founders of the nation, it was the Deists and the Freemasons that guided the writing of our founding documents.

Freemason Signers of The Declaration of Independence.

William Ellery Rhode Island
Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania
John Hancock Massachusetts
Joseph Hewes or  Howes North Carolina
William Hooper North Carolina
Richard Stockton New Jersey
George Walton Georgia
William Whipple New Hampshire

Freemason Signers of the US Constitution.

Gunning Bedford, Jr. Delaware
John Blair  Virginia
David Brearley New Jersey
Jacob Broom Delaware
Daniel Carroll Maryland
Jonathan Dayton New Jersey
John Dickinson Delaware
Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania
Nicholas Gilman New Hampshire
Rufus King Massachusetts
Rufus King Massachusetts
William Paterson New Jersey
George Washington Virginia

freemasonry General’s In The Continental Army.

Benedict Arnold Connecticut
James Clinton New York
Elias Dayton New Jersey
Joseph Frye Massachusetts
Mordecai Gist Maryland
John Glover Massachusetts
John Glover Massachusetts
Nathanael Greene Rhode Island
Edward Hand Pennsylvania
James Hogun North Carolina
Henry Knox Massachusetts
Marquis de LaFayette Francee
Benjamin Lincoln Massachusetts
William Maxwell New Jersey
Hugh Mercer Virginia
Richard Montgomery New York
Peter Muhlenberg Virginia
John Nixon Massachusetts
Samuel H. Parsons Connecticut
John Paterson Massachusetts
Israel Putnam Connecticut
Rufus Putnam Massachusetts
Arthur St. Clair Pennsylvania
Frederick W.A. von Steuben Prussia
John Sullivan New Hampshire
Jethro Sumner North Carolina
William Thompson Pennsylvania
James M. Varnum Rhode Island
George Washington Virginia
George Weedon Virginia
Otho H. Williams Maryland
William Woodford Virginia
David Wooster Connecticut

As anyone can see from the above information Freemasonry played a major role in the founding of this nation. This may well be a nation of Christians, but it was not found on Christianity alone as many Christians today try to make you believe. History Speaks for itself and we must not let it slip away or be changed to suit the egos of a few.


3 Responses

  1. This article brings home how many of the people involved in the founding of this nation and in fighting for its freedom where other than Orthodox Christians. Good post.

  2. Great article! I knew there were a lot of Freemasons that played a major role in our founding, but it is impressive to see it all in black and white. Thank You!

    • Thank you for your participation and joining in on the conversations. I hope to have a few more articles this month. Do not be afaid to critique any article on this site, good bad or indifferent. I hope I have designed it to allow people to express their true fellings and opinions.

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