Was this nation founded on Christian Principles?

Was this nation founded on Christian Principles?

Ask this question to any Christian and they will more then likely answer yes, but was it? Deism during the founding of this nation was wide spread and practiced by the upper class of the colonies, and by many well educated individuals. One important fact is overlooked by almost everyone, that fact is Freemasonry.

Besides the influence of Deism, Freemasonry was held as an equal influence. We will explore this fact in a little more detail. Many of the Presidents of the United States were Freemasons as follows:
George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford. A person can research these administrations and have a hard time identifying Christian Principles.

What are the beliefs of a Freemason?

One must believe in the existence of a “Supreme Being”, which includes the “gods” of Islam, Hinduism, or any other monotheistic religion. The UN-Biblical and anti-Christian beliefs such as Deism and other Naturalistic Religions are also accepted.

What are the beliefs concerning sin and salvation?

Masonic View: The very process of joining the Lodge requires Christians to ignore the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. According to Freemasonry, a person will be saved and go to heaven as a result of his good works and personal self-improvement

What is their view on the Bible?

Masonic View: The Bible is only one of several “Volume(s) of Sacred Law,” all of which are deemed to be equally important in Freemasonry. The Bible is not considered to be the exclusive Word of God. It is not considered to be God’s sole revelation of himself to humankind; but only one of many religious “” Holy Books “ such as the Koran and Rig Vedas.

What are the views of God’s doctrine?

Masonic View: All members must believe in a deity. Freemasonry invites people of all faiths, even if they use different names for the ‘Nameless One they are still praying to the one God and Father of all

What about the trinity and Jesus Christ?

Masonic View: There is no exclusivity in Jesus Christ or the Triune God who is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is no doctrine as to the deity of Jesus Christ. It is UN-Masonic to invoke the name of Jesus when praying, or mention His name in the Lodge. The name of Jesus has been omitted from biblical verses that are used in Masonic rituals holding the he is on the same level as other religious leaders.

What about sin and human nature?

Masonic View: Through symbols and emblems, Masons teach that man is not sinful, just “rude and imperfect by nature”. Human can improve their character and behavior in various ways, including acts of charity, moral living, and volunteering for civic duty. Humanity can ,move from imperfection toward total perfection. Moral and spiritual perfection lies within every men and women

What happens when a Christian takes the oath of Freemasonry?

When a Christian takes the oath of Freemasonry, he is swearing to the following doctrines that God has pronounced as false and sinful:

1. That salvation can be gained by man’s good works.
2. That Jesus is just one of many equally revered prophets.
3. That they will remain silent in the Lodge and not talk of Christ.
4. That they are approaching the Lodge in spiritual darkness and ignorance..
5. Masonry leads Christians into blasphemy and taking the name of the Lord in vain.
6. Masonry teaches that its G.A.O.T.U. [Great Architect of the Universe], is representative of all gods in all religions.
7. Masonry makes Christians take a universalist approach in their prayers, demanding a “generic” name be used so as not to offend non-believers who are Masonic “brothers”.
8. By swearing the Masonic oath and participating in the doctrines of the Lodge, Christians are perpetuating a false gospel to other Lodge members, who look only to Masonry’s plan of salvation to get to heaven.
9. Christian are agreeing to allow the pollution of his mind, spirit, and body by those who serve false gods and believe false doctrines.

As you can see, Masonry DENIES and CONTRADICTS the clear teaching of Scripture and numerous issues. Masonry also requires people to engage in activities which the Bible condemns. As a result, a Christian should not be a member of any organization that has any connection with Freemasonry. So now it is time for you to decide if the presidents listed above were Christians and held to Christian Principles

Some Protestant denominations, like the Catholic Church, disagree with the tenets of Freemasonry and try to discourage or ban their members from participating in Lodges. Protestant denominations that have discouraged their members in this way to some extent and at some time include:

  • Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • Church of the Nazarene
  • Assemblies of God
  • Society of Friends (Quakers)
  • United Brethren
  • Free Methodist church
  • Wesleyan Methodist church
  • Mennonites
  • The Southern Baptist Convention and North American Mission Board
  • Lutheran Church in America
  • Salvation Army
  • Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly
  • Free Church of Scotland
  • Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Presbyterian Church in America
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland
  • Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
  • Christian Reformed Church in America
  • Church of the Brethren
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church

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  1. I find this article to be an excellent explanation of Freemasony as related to the Christian religion and the founding of this nation

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