“Know Thyself”

Perhaps one of the most important thing any person can do in this life is to examine their beliefs and what makes them unique. It is important to ask yourself questions about your actions, “Why do I do what I do.” This can only be done by the person, no one else, or religious philosophy can answer the questions for you satisfactorily. Only through earnest concentration and meditation can you find these answers.
It is my belief that each any every person has the tools necessary for self improvement if they will only take the time to explore them. One should set aside a little time each day to contemplate there actions of that day in solitude and quiet. The mind is a powerful tool that each of us have,if we only learn to use it wisely.
Many will ask “Where do I start?” The answer to this question will very from person to person but to start slowly and with the little things like “Am I happy with my life?” if the answer is yes then ask yourself can I improve on anything. If No make a list of the problem areas and take them one at a time, meditate upon the first on the list until you think you have an answer, test that answer for results, If satisfactory move to the next, if not improve upon the answer until you are satisfied with the results. Remember that even the highest mountains are scaled one step at a time.
The Greek Socrates’ guiding rule was, “Know Thyself.” These words are the best advice and are significant, no better advice has ever been give to man or woman. Exploring this simple dictate leads to a profound understandings about all of creation and more importantly about yourself . It makes unhappiness, doubt, sadness, fear, and all the negative emotions completely meaningless and gives you dominance over them where they can no longer control you and your actions.


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