Alabama New Governor

On the same day he was inaugurated, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said, “Now I will have to say that, if we don’t have the same daddy, we’re not brothers and sisters. Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother or sister, and I want to be your brother.” He went on to say , “If the holy spirit lives in you that makes you my brothers and sisters. Anyone who has not accepted Jesus, I want to be your brothers and sisters, too.”

Bentley was elected governor with the help of televangelist and charlatan Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition. As a state representative Bentley pleased the Christian Coalition so much that they awarded him the Christian Coalition of Alabama’s Statesmanship Award.

Having an elected public official making speeches containing such religious statements is a violation of the First Amendment. His lack of concern for the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights should let us know just how dangerous “revealed” religionists are to individuals and to a free society.

History makes it crystal clear what happens when there are no reason based restraints on Christianity. We need to remember that it was Christianity which ruled the Dark Ages. Unlike the “revealed” religions, reject God-given reason for man-made dogmas and feel threatened by the free exchange of ideas.

Deism greatly values God-given reason. Reason provides the best way to progress and to better lives for everyone through the free exchange of ideas.

Bentley and the religious right are trying hard to win political power so they can subvert America into a Christian nation. This goes against the wishes of the founding fathers of this nation. Let it not happen


4 Responses

  1. What’s “polotics”?? A new joke, or do you mean “politics”?? I agree with you abt the fundamentalist wackadoodles – do you think deism is a cure for them?

    • Congratulations you caught on to the point. The New Governor is playing POLO with the people of Alabama trying to pit one against the other, believers vs non-believers. The elected officials of any state should represent ALL people and not just a few.

      Religion as a whole down through history has succeeded in pitting believers vs non-believers in some of the most bloodiest periods known to man. Deism would be a good start towards world peace and harmony. Deism allows an individual to discover and to worship their god in their own way without the constraints of religious dogma. It eliminates a major stumbling block of all religions.

  2. Shucks, I just went off of this site to log in again just so I could be #666, but the blog stats didn’t change.

    I’m sorry there has to be such a blatent Christian as governor. Now why doesn’t someone complain about that. What could be done about it?

    • LOL #666 that is good! The state legislature just became active in March. Not much can be done But I intend to bug them about that and to keep on top of their legislation. He will be there until 2014 but I will not vote the the bigot again.

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