Progress in Deism and its principles

In order to move forward both as a society and as individuals we must let go of the ideas that are outdated and facts which have been proven false. We all want to improve our lives and the lives of family and friends We all want a better society with less violence and more happiness. Recent years have seen a continued rise in deism and deistic principal, by many who have dismissed the dogma of religion in favor of reason and observation to define and to know god through nature and the laws which governs it. Deists should continue to educate those who cling to religion, its rituals, and dogmas, and superstitions, in this way Deism will continue to grow.

The single largest source of false ideas and beliefs,which impact society in a negative way, can be found in all religions. Having been raised a Chris titan, any examples I may provide will come from the Bible. An example of such a religious notion can be found in Deuteronomy 7:6 &7 Deu 7:6 Do this because you belong to the LORD your God. From all the peoples on earth he chose you to be his own special people. Deu 7:7 “The LORD did not love you and choose you because you outnumbered other peoples; you were the smallest nation on earth. The very idea that the Creator would choose one nation over another is absurd. The idea that man was born in sin and is evil so much that God had to become a person and die so that his blood could wash away that sin. Or that the laying of hands is a better cure than what doctors can provide. Or that the angel Gabriel gave the Koran to Muhammad are all the result of the over active imagination of man and superstitions. By violating mans god given reason has only hindered progress in society and establishes a means for man to accept other unreasonable ideas or superstitions.

By embracing Deism and its principals you will be able to break away from the trap of the revealed religions. Thomas Paine wrote in “ The Age Of Reason “ “But it is necessary to the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.” No imagine what the world be like if people embraced their god-given reason. It would make for a happier and better society as well as the individuals in that society. The best advances in society came those who embraced their god-given reason and took Acton on what their reason told them. The American Revolution, the eradication of smallpox, polio, sending man to the moon, the space station, the exploration of distant planets all came about by people who took action on their ideas and reason. Perhaps one day we will colonize distant planets and spread our knowledge throughout the universe. If we fail to take action and embrace the worlds religions and their end of time prophecies, humanity as we know it will end. The choice which we follow is up to each individual. Deism can help us make the correct decision.


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