Carter Braxton DOI

Carter Braxton was born 10 September 1736 in the county of King and Queen Virginia, raised as an Episcopalian, and died in 1797. He was educated at the college of William and Mary. His father died about the time he started college leaving him a fortune in land and slaves. He married at nineteen to the daughter of a wealthy planter, Christopher Robinson and increased his holings considerably. Hi wife died within a few years of their marriage, leaving for England shortly thereafter. He returned in 1760 and in1761 he married the eldest daughter of Richard Corbin and had sixteen children with her before he death in 1814. Only one daughter survived to adulthood.

Carter, with his fortune allowed him to become a gentlemen planter and living is considerable splendor. He was appointed to a seat in the house of burgesses . From 1765 to1776 his political career paralleled that of other delegates from Virginia. On 22 October 1775 Peyton Randolph died at philadellphia and Carter was elected to replace him. In 1776 Virginia reduced their number of delegates to five which was considered sufficient.


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