George Clymer DOI USC

George Clymer was born on 16 March 1739 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died on 24 January, 1813. He was a Quaker and an Episcopalian. George was orphaned a 1 year old and was raised by his uncle William Coleman , and apprenticed to him to become a merchant. He became a member of the Philadelphia Committee of Safety in 1773, and was elected to the Continental Congress and served from 1776 -to-1780, and served on several committees

He resigned from congress in 1777 and was elected to the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1780. He was re-elected in 1784, and represented Pennsylvania at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Elected to the first U.S. Congress in 1789 and shared being treasurer with Michael Hilegas

He was the first president of the Philadelphia Bank, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and vice-president of the Philadelphia Agricultural Society. He was also one of the commissioners to negotiate a treaty with the Creek Indian confederacy.

George was a Freemason, First Lodge of Boston, 1748



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