Samuel Huntington DOI

Samuel Huntington was born in Windham Connecticut on 16 July 1731 and died 5 January 1796.  His religion was that of a  Congregationalist. He was the fourth of ten children and obtained a limited education in the common schools an was later self educated. In 1754 he was admitted to the bar and began a law practice. He married Martha Devotion in 1761 and was childless. He was sent to the Connecticut Assembly in 1764 and served until 1774, thus began his political career. Elected to the Upper house in 1775 and re-elected each year until 1784. Appointed King’s attorney for Connecticut in 1768 and 1773 becoming Chief Justice of the court in 1784. Elected to the Second Continental Congress in October 1775, and elected its President 28 October 1779 and remained so until 9 Jul 1781. He returned to the Congress as a delegate in 1783. He was elected Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut in 1785. He became Governor in 1786 and continue to be re-elected until his death in 1796.


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