Stephen Hopkins DOI

Stephen Hopkins was born in Providence Rhode Island on 7 March 1717 and died 13 July 1785. He was raised a Waker and remained so for most of his life. He was self educated. At 19 he married Sarah Scott and had 7 children by her with only two surviving to adulthood. When sarah died he married Anne Smit, a widow, they had no children. In 1732 he began his political career and held the poisons over the following decade. He was moderator of the first town meeting, town clerk, President of town council, town solicitor, Justice of the Peace, Justice and clerk in the Court of Common Pleas. And leter became Chief Justice of that Court. Serving in the Colonial Assembly from 1732 to 1752 and 1770 to 1775. He was speaker from 1738 to1744 and again in 1749. He represented Rhode Island at the Albany Congress in NewYork in 1754. He was elected Governor of Rhode Island nine different times, 1755 ā€“ 1756, 1758 -1761, 1763 ā€“ 1764, and again in 1767. He helped found Brown University and was its first chancellor of the college.


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