Thomas McKean DOI

Thomas McKean was born in New London Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on 19 March 1734 and died 24 June 1817. He was a Presbyterian and a Freemason he was listed as visitor to Perseverance Lodge in Harrisburg PA Mary Borden was his first wife. They married in 1763 and had six children. Mary died in 1773 and Thomas married to Sarah Armitage in 1774and they had four children.

At the age of sixteen he went to New Castle, Delaware to begin the study of law under his cousin, David Finney and was admitted to the bar in 1755 and the Pennsylvania bar in 1756. Appointed deputy Attorney General for Sussex County from the 1762/63 session through the 1775/76 session he was a member of the General Assembly. Server as speaker 1712/73. From July 1765, he also served as a judge of the Court of Common Pleas he also began service as the customs collector at New Castle in 1771.

He was one of Delaware’s delegates to the First Continental Congress in 1774 and the Second Continental Congress in 1775 and 1776. Elected to Delaware’s first House of Assembly for both the 1776/77 and 1778/79 sessions. He served as Chief Justice of Pennsylvania on, 28 July 1777 and served in that capacity until 1799. He served three terms from 17 December 1799 until 20 December 20, 1808 and 1802.

In 1785 served as vice-president. Princeton College which gave him the degreeTh of L.L.D. in 1781, Dartmouth College presented the same honor in 1782, and the University of Pennsylvania gave him the degree of A.M. in 1763 and L.L.D. In 1785.


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