Roger Sherman DOI

Roger Sherman was born in Newton Massachusetts on 19 Spril 1721 and died 23 July 1793. He was a congegationlist and in 1749 Married Elizabeth Hartell and had seven children with three dying in infancy. After the death of Elizabeth in 1760 he married Rebecca Prescot. Prescot gave birth to eight children with Sherman, one of whom died in infancy. He had no formal legal training,but as was urged to read for the bar exam by a local lawyer and was admitted to the Bar of Litchfield, Connecticut

in 1754 Appointed justice of the peace in 1762, judge of the court of common pleas in 1765, and justice of the Superior Court of Connecticut from 1766 to 1789. he was elected Yale University Treasurer, a position in which he served for 11 years. Member of US House of Representatives from Connecticut Serving from 4 March 1789 to 4 March 1791. United States Senator from 13 June 1791 ti 23 July 1793.


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