Judgement day UPDATE!.

Another Judgement Day comes and Goes

The prediction of the end of the world is nothing new in Christianan circles. Harold Camping just added another chapter to the book of failed predictions. All he had to do was to READ his Bible instead of using it as a decoration. The Bible says no man knows the day or the hour when Jesus will return. There are quotes in the Bible which say that Jesus said no one knows when the end will come and Jesus will return. However, there are also Bible quotes which say that Jesus said the people then listening to him will not die before his return. The verse can be found in Matthew 16 This is very embarrassing for Christian clergy since everyone who was standing there listening to Jesus have indeed “tasted of death” and are now dead and, of course, Jesus did not return as promised. Another example is Matthew 24:34 which has Jesus describing the time before he makes his .return and the tribulation along with his glorious return and states “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.’ Well that generation has passed away. Since you can use the Bible to justify anything, it is easy to discount the predictions made by man.

This is the perfect time for Deists to educate the Christians about Deism. How many people went to California to await the coming rapture, onlly to be deceived and disappointed yet again. Many followers of the Christian faith have been duped, fy their clery, to believe that if you do not believe the Bible you do not believe in God. The truth is this a falshood, as a person can believe in a God and grow their knowledge about such a deity through observing the creation around them. It is time for people to observe the creation of the universe and the natural laws which govern it, withot the intervention of any God to control them.  Our God-given reason exposes the falshoods of the Bible.


Well folks Harold Camping is going for strike three!!!   He has checked his math, so he says, and now predicts judgement day will fall on 21 October 2011.  Why doesn’t the idiot read his Bible that he tucks under his arm on Sundays ??  Will the Ignorant clergy never learn to read ALL of their “Holy Book”?  Let us wait to see if he strikes out, most likely, or hits it out of the park, not likely.


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