Stopping religious violence

Helping to stop the religious violence.

The “Big Three” Abrahamic “Revealed Religions”, Judaism, Christianity an Islam continue to attack and kill each other over their religious dogmas and differences. They can only agree that there is a God. It is always a good idea to find common ground when trying to solve differences of opinion or ideologies The ONLY belief required in Deism is the belief in a God. In Deism there are no added man-made dogmas, rituals, or doctrines to create conflicts. There are no clergy to lead the hatred and differences between religions.

Deist embrace reason over faith. Voltaire wrote, “What is faith​? Is it to believe that which is evident? No. It is perfectly evident to my mind that there exists a necessary, eternal, supreme, and intelligent being. This is no matter of faith, but of reason.” This approach limits the damage clergy and politicians can do to people by placing more importance to reason than to faith; thereby, making it more difficult for them to manipulate people.

The absence of dogmas, rituals and doctrines makes Deism closer to stemming religious violence. Deism promotes God-given reason over the mere fact that men wrote the scriptures of their {revealed religion”. Therefore, if some doctrine or dogma of the religion is opposed by reason, then the unreasonable doctrine or dogma must go. This sounds very simple, give up the rituals, dogmas, and doctrines of “revealed religions”, but current events and history proves this a very difficult matter to accomplish.

Religions constantly change. The changes are usually based upon fear of religious violence. Christianity “converted” most of Europe and Islam “converted” most of the middle East in this manner. Thomas Paine makes it a point in his book “The Age Of Reason” “The Jews made no converts, they butchered all.” After the Age of Enlightenment, religions began to change dramatically, no longer depending on violence to convert others and to keep the “flock” in line.

The appeal of Deism is growing in the United States amongst those who consider themselves in the classification of “Nones”. Nones are defined as those who do not identify with any religious affiliation, this includes the irreligious, nonreligious, anti-religious, anti-clerical, and atheists. Some believe in a supreme being or God, some do not. Many of the Nones are really Deist but are unaware of the term or its meaning, this can be corrected by other Deists speaking up and speaking out and educating others in Deism.


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