Man and His Religion Part 2

When will the battle of which religion itrue and another false end? Why must the the battles continue? Currently we have a repeat of the 2007 battle between the Baptist and the Mormons. Mormons consider themselves to be Christians while other Denominations of the Christian religion do not. Do there numbers, over 30,000+ denominations, make them anymore correct? I am defending neither the Baptist nor the Mormons, Just holding up a mirror from them to see how ridiculous and petty their arguments are.

No religion is any better or truer than another for there has been no God in all of mans history that left his word for mans betterment. Religion only serves to keep the mass under control through guilt, fear, and false promises of reward or punishment. Who do you know that has died, gone to Heaven or Hell and returned to you about either. Has anyone returned to tell you that there is even an after life? The answer to theses and other questions will or will not be answered upon your death. And you will not return to tell anyone either.

All of this only confirms how ridiculous it is to argue that ones religion is any more true or better the the next. When will man put aside the stupidity of such arguments and strive to make this life and this world a better place in which to live? Stop a look around you and take in the beauty that the creator gave to one and all. The same for all, and controlled by natural laws with preference nor favoritism to none. All are born into this world equally with no religion just a blank slate to be written upon by life experiences. Learn from Natures God. Set aside the facades of religion and develop your God-given reason to overcome the pitfalls that are provided by religion. Deism is the answer.


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