Although this article is a little late on its subject and in its publication it does reflect the current truth and is the opinion of this author. I am sure that we can all remember the war chant of Mr Obama concerning jobs in the great nation. Mr Obama stood firm concerning

jobs during much of December 2011, PASS MY JOBS BILL NOW, PASS MY JOBS BILL NOW/ That was his war chant to Congress, but what happened when the pipeline became available? This pipeline would provide some 20,000 High paying jobs, many of which were also union jobs plus an untold number of spin off jobs. But wait, it gets better, NO Government dollars would be required to build and complete this pipeline from Canada to Houston Texas 0, it would be totally funded by PRIVATE dollars and provide so seven million barrels of oil to the United States.

What was the Obama position concerning the issue? Let us put this off until 2013 to allow the EPA.t.o study the impact of such a pipe line. This decision coming even after Canada said “If the United States does not want the pipeline and its oil, then we will build it across the Rockies and sell the Oil to China. Way to go Mr Obama, you are the chief fool guiding a ship of fools to disaster. Does it make any sense at all to reject our neighbors to the North only too pay high prices for mid east oil?


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